Broken feed screws repaired (in 2 pieces)
Tough economic times call for creative solutions. We are here to help you provide cost effective solutions to your customers.

Full Encapsulation
Our flagship product full encapsulation of any feedscrew with .005", .010" even .012" of hard wear resistant tungsten or chromium carbide. Virtually eliminates screw wear and provides a high level of corrosion resistance. We have coated thousands of screws like this.

FliteGuard OD Only
Metal to metal adhesive wear reduces the feedscrew OD. Protecting this surface with highly wear resistant tungsten carbide extends equipment life and can add a 10 to 15% boost to production output in extrusion processes. Selective coating on a high wear portion of any feedscrew also makes good economic sense. FliteGuard is ideal for applications where root wear is not a problem.

Tool Steel Feedscrew Repair
This same FliteGuard option can make a worn screw new again. We can apply .010" per side or .020" overall (sometimes up to .030" overall) of tungsten carbide to the worn OD of a feedscrew. In these tight economic times you can offer your customer a solid solution that helps keep them processing. CPM-9V, D2, nitrided steel or virtually any screw material can be repaired using this method.

Cushion Master Tip Assemblies
Once a feedscrew is protected the weak link becomes the tip assembly. We offer this same tungsten carbide protection for non-return valves which provides 3 to 5 times longer service life in the most demanding applications. This service is available to improve the performance of new parts or to repair worn tip assembly parts and make them longer lasting. Most substrate materials can benefit from this process.

It's Elemental — Segmented Twin Screw Wear Protection
We are developing the capability to apply our wear resistant materials to segmented elements with high bond strength to take the punishment. A metallurgical bond of our coatings to most substrate materials provides superior wear resistance for hard to replace elements. Help your customer alleviate the headache of changing out worn elements with this service.